Hey! My name is Jitka and I am a graphic designer but…

Currently, I’m teaching English in China. I am from the Czech Republic (not Czechoslovakia:) and I prior my Chinese adventure, I lived in England for 5 years, where I worked as a graphic designer in a small creative studio. I had a pretty cool job, working for some big brands like Boden, Bottega Venneta, Barrel & Stone Pizza etc. (no idea why they all happen to start with ‘B’?) You might ask (sometimes, I’m asking myself!), if it was so great why the hell did I leave!?! That’s another story…

graphic designer
BYE England!! As I’m leaving my old house in Marlow, UK.


You know burnout?

As the infamous Stefan Sagmeister would say ‘I am on sabbatical’, watch his awesome TED Talk here.

Also, if you are into this topic of benefits of time off, you should check out How Far From Home. HFFH are two creatives who sold everything in order to travel the world.

It’s like I am on a year long holiday really, and in my ‘free time’ I get to teach English some Chinese teenagers.

Before I started this (yet to be!) amazing blog, I did an intense research what does it take to make THIS BLOG amazing? and to conclude, everybody says, you have to have a ‘niche’!!! You have to narrow down what your blog will be about. But it is sooo HARD! :(I want to talk about everything!)

So, I think I figured out my primary niche and my secondary niche 😀 (if a blog expert is reading this and thinks I won’t get anywhere, please poke me with an email!)

So, what is it about? What is my ‘niche’?
Primary Niche(s):
  • graphic design – typography, illustration
  • photography
  • travel
Secondary niche(s):

politics, fashion, food, China, Chinese politics, teaching, I think I will add some more later! :(not a good strategy)

Right, so I have my niche(S), it deserves the plural and a BIG S, ‘cause of the amount I have!! However, I still think this will be a success.

Wanna join me on my journey?