How To Travel the World and Get Paid

So, You want to know How to Travel the World and Get Paid? Okay, I tell you my secret formula for this. But before I do that, I should tell you some basic info about me and my situation.

I started my trip in China, which I’m currently calling home. Living in China gives me a great travel opportunity to visit other Asian countries and Australia (yes, that’s one of the places I went to, OMG – hyper-excitement! I still can’t believe I made it there!). You know, it’s much cheaper to fly to Australia from China than from London, where I lived before.

In the last month and half, to be precise in 42 days (Czech Out my infographics throughout this post), I have travelled around four different countries. And while I have been travelling my Chinese bank account have been receiving money. (I just put my feet up, haha.)

To be completely and absolutely honest, it’s a salary for doing nothing. YES! You heard me (actually you read it) right for doing NOTHING. I was actually getting salary for two months of doing NOTHING(I just put my feet up even higher, hahaha.)

How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid

Officially, I was on holiday. In China, at this time of the year (end of January) the Chinese celebrate The Chinese New Year, which is also called the Spring Festival. So, I went off to travel and got paid at the same time!

Where did I go?

Czech Out my graphically looking itinerary: Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hong Kong

My graphically looking travel itinerary.
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
Fancy a long holiday?

Would you like to travel?
Wanna see the skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur?
Wanna be able to travel in Asia?
Do you want to taste the ceylon tea in Sri Lanka?
Would you like to see an opera at the Sydney Opera House?
Would you like to see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?
Yes, YES, YEES!!!

So, How do I travel and get paid at the same time?

Well, I have a job but what kind of job?
Wanna guess? I think, it’s pretty simple to guess. Keep reading…

How To Travel the World and Get Paid

What most of the foreigners could be doing in China?

(BTW, Chinese people love to use the word FOREIGNER when referring to people from abroad.)

Most of them, most of us teach English, yay what a surprise, ha! I am actually not a native English speaker but that’s not a problem! (Although, it was a nightmare to get a working visa.) I got here via a London based agency, let me know in comments if you are interested to know more about it. To be completely frank with you, it’s a pretty easy job, (the paperwork to get here is not easy, OMG!). But once you are here, you are here, hooray!

So being an English teacher in China gives you plenty of travel opportunities around China and elsewhere, into neighbouring countries and the best part is that it is CHEAP!

So that’s my secret travel formula, that’s how I travel the world and get paid and do/explore what I love – graphic design. Please Czech Out (Czech Me Out how I am using my branding, Czech = Check, get it? I am from the Czech Republic #whataConcept #coolbrand hahaha) my Instagram or Twitter account if you are interested to see graphic design, typography or arty stuff in general, I share a photo from my travels almost everyday. Also, my Pinterest account is bursting with stuff about graphic design and travelling.

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Where are you heading for your next holiday?
Do you have other tips on how to travel and get paid? Please share them in the comments bellow!

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How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid
How To Travel the World and Get Paid